The Purple Island

The Purple Island

Treasure Island, Florida is a beautiful beach teeming with wide variety of wildlife. Starting in 2000 began the famous beauty of the Pacific Islands because the site on the internet which has been promoting tourism beach in Bangka Belitung, and the beauty of the existing beach in Bangka Belitung became known and visited by local or foreign tourists.island

In doing so he discovered Mavuva Island, and the Chief for this region lived on Macuati-I-Wai Island which is three kilometres away. Sebelum membahas lebih jauh tentang cara ke sentosa island , akan diceritakan dulu hiburan apa saja yang dapat dinikmati disana.

Bangka Belitung is a special island with beautiful granite rocky shores artistic, clear sea water, and sandy beaches are really white, and rarely found on other beaches. Ancient seas, Ice Age glaciers, and 10,000 years of rising and falling lake levels formed Mackinac Island.island

Andros is by far the largest island in the Bahamas, 104 miles long and 40 miles wide, located just north of the Abacos, with an island-wide population of 8,000. Although World War II-imposed flight restrictions thwarted its commercial operations, it nevertheless continued to carry passengers and cargo between strategic island depots.island

The fourth region that might capture your attention is the town of Sucuraj, a city of picturesque beauty situated on the east cape of the Hvar Island. There are island tours for all kinds of vacation-takers, from adventure tours to more relaxing vacations.