“Loveworld USA” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s new television channel!!!

“Loveworld USA” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s new television channel!!!

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been doing ministry work for The Lord Jesus Christ for over thirty years. He has a ministry which runs several different branches such as “the healing school”, “Loveworld books” and “Raphsody of Realities”. His ministry expands though the United Kingdom and The United states, both where he holds meetings. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has published books and among them he is a best selling author. Some of the books that Chris has published are “Rhapsody of Realities” “Gates of Zion” and “None of These Diseases”.

Chris Oyakhilome runs a social media prayer network in which he sends fellow believers of the faith messages concerning the faith which then spreads the message to many other believers across the world. Most of where Chris’s messages of the faith are posted are on his own social network sites which are http://www.christembassy.org/ and http://www.pastorchrisonline.org/. Chris and his co-partner Benny Hinn (who also is a pastor) are both working to expand the messages they have concerning the faith alongside with their series of crusades, conferences, special praise shows and anointed music which will be broadcast on their channel “Loveworld USA” (which is also known as Christ embassy).

Loveworld USA is aimed primarily to strengthen the faith of Christians as they go through life facing various attacks and doubts among the faith. This channel will include music from both pastors and news that is going on throughout the world to further increase knowledge both from a biblical perspective and a modern day perspective to see the prophecies from scripture unfold. Other men of God will also be featured on the channel as well. Men such as Kenneth Copeland, Rod Parsley, and Marilyn Hickey will be appearing on the channel speaking their wisdom of both the modern world and The Bible.

Pastor Benny Hinn is an Israel televangelist and a teacher of the Gospel. He has for 43 years been doing ministry work for Christ Jesus. Benny himself is also an author of a number of Christian inspirational books such as “Good Morning, Holy Spirit”, “This Is Your Day for a Miracle.”, “The Biblical Road to Blessing” and many more. Benny is well known for his thirty minute television program called “This Is Your Day”. He even holds a ministry which has been claimed to support orphanages around the world and feed over 100,000 children a year.

Benny Hill and Chris Oyakhilome both have successful ministries and have been well dedicated to the truth of their faith for over 30 years. Spreading the Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ is their passion and they don’t plan on stopping now. They have their upcoming channel Christ embassy (Loveworld USA) which will be broadcasting their fantastic works for The Lord. Don’t just hear about this information here, go on and check it out!