Modern Motorcycles

Modern Motorcycles

As in the case of communication tools, transportation also experienced a significant development in terms of technology. If we first know the technology on the motor just a platinum ignition and spark plugs, mixed with fuel and airflow from the carburetor, now the technology is increasingly diverse. Not to mention in terms of small parts in a motorcycle.

Braking section for example, If the first in the motorcycle only recognize braking technology using the drum system, now discbrake technology or discs are commonly applied. Not to mention the lights, which is now even cheap motorcycle have adopted the LED style, and also the addition of GPS on the motorcycle, to find out more about the GPS on the motorcycle, you can see at TomTom Rider Motorcycle GPS. In this case, the development of these technologies proved very useful for motorcycle users.

From the development of technology is also not only oriented to function, but also in terms of aesthetics. Of course this is facilitated by the design process that has been supported with full computer technology. That is why in ancient times the form between one variant of the motorcycle with the other is not too varied and has a significant difference.

Technology Innovation On Motorcycles

Innovation in motorcycle technology is increasingly seen from year to year. At first it seems the introduction of new technologies on this motorcycle is not too enthusiastic public interest. But along with the improvements and development of automotive manufacturers, now almost all the motor has left the ignition system of the motor has become more modern.

What innovations have been made in the development of motorcycle technology to date? Here’s the list:

  • Machine 2 stroke – Machine 4 stroke

Now all motor manufacturers have implemented 4-step engine technology. Because in addition to more efficient in fuel consumption, also more pollution-friendly.

  • Kick Starter – Electric Starter

Now there are still some motor that includes a kick starter. But almost no new production motor that does not include electric starter.

  • Conventional Transmission – Automatic

If this one is not necessarily automatic transmission closed production of conventional transmission motor (gearshift). But when viewed from the sales figures, it seems that motor automatic sales have now dominated the motorcycle market in Indonesia.

  • Carburetor – Injection

This one is a fixed price. Changes in carburetor technology to the injection system aims for less fuel consumption and also the ease for technicians in performing routine checks / servicing because they have used computer help.