Vacationing with your pet: In a nutshell

Vacationing with your pet: In a nutshell

Our pets are very dear to us. We get so attached to them that they become a part of our family. When we decide to go out on vacation, we don’t want to leave those furry family members our house at home. Do not worry. You can fly with your pets. Here are a few tips to make your journey with your pets easier.

Get a health certificate

Taking pets for a trip will require a health certificate. This certificate will have to be submitted everywhere like in airlines, border, pet care centres, hotels etc. Therefore research on the requirements and prepare a health certificate for your pet. Also, remember to keep an electronic copy of this health certificate.

Check the airline requirements

The regulations in airlines are quite different from the other means of conveyance regarding travelling with pets. They have their own policies on pet carrier dimensions, health certificates, etc. Therefore,  if you are going on a vacation to Delhi, always check the airline requirements before booking Kolkata to Delhi flights.

Bring your Pet first aid kit

Managing a pet is like managing a toddler. Your pet will be undergoing a lot of changes. Sometimes it can be the first time your pet is travelling. Such changes may affect the health of your pet. So, as a precautionary measure, carry a kit which will have everything necessary

Get to know few local vets

If your pet falls sick during the journey, you must not have trouble in finding a suitable vet. Thus do a bit of research and find out a few reputed vets in the town.

Get an airline- friendly carrier

When you are travelling in Kolkata to Delhi flights, it is necessary to select a carrier in which your pet is comfortable. You must select such a carrier in which your pet can stand freely, turn around and wholly lie down.

Carry a crate

You will have to carry your pet in a crate. While buying the crate, ensure that it does not make the pet feel suffocated. Ensure that your pet has enough practice of lying in the crate. While the pet is in the crate, clip his nails so that it does not get caught up in anything.

Keep him calm

Ensure that your pet has the right temperament to travel. Otherwise, it would be disastrous for the co-passengers to travel. If your pet is anxious, calm him down by slightly caressing him or lightly patting him.

Find pet-friendly hotels

Hotels have varying policies and restrictions about checking in with pets. Thus find hotels that are pet-friendly. Do a lot of research on the policies of different hotels. Check upon details about additional fees, size restrictions, services for pets, access to outdoors, etc. Choose hotels which have an outdoor park so that your pet will have some fun.

Give the right quantity of water

Flights are very dry. Therefore, ensure that you give enough water to your pet to help it stay hydrated. But remember, do not give him too much water that he stays cross-legged during the flight.

Choose pet-friendly destinations

Pets are wonderful companions. Your pet will enjoy the trip like you and also make you enjoy the trip. Hence do not choose destinations where your pet will have to be locked up in the hotel room. Choose destinations like beaches, hills where your pet will also enjoy. Take long walks with your pet, sit with him on the beach. Keep him happy.

Well, now that you know how to travel with a pet, travelling with your pet is totally worth it. Take your furry companion for a vacation and enjoy.