Where to Eat in Brittany, France

Where to Eat in Brittany, France

You don’t need a big budget to eat like the French. After you plan your holiday rentals in Brittany, it’s time to get down to business and plan what you’ll be eating during your stay. If you love seafood, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Brittany cuisine is built around delectable sea creatures – including mussels cooked in white wine, langoustines, crabs and fish soup. And, much like the rest of France, the locals love their vegetables. If you’re a vegetarian or simply not a big fan of seafood, there’s always the archetypal crêpe, which treats you to a pocket of mushrooms and cheese or rhubarb and ice cream. Bretons make their crêpes special, using crispy buckwheat for savory pockets and sweet white flour for dessert crêpes. To help get you started, we made a list of some of the most incredible restaurants in Brittany.

Au Pied d’Cheval

In Cancale, on the waterfront, Au Pied d’Cheval delights patrons with its world-famous oysters. This local mainstay evolved from humble beginnings as an oyster-shucking street stall. Now, it hosts two floors of cozy dining rooms and a number of outdoor tables. However, the main concept is still the same. Select what you want from baskets of shellfish, and the kitchen will prepare plates of seafood or oysters by the dozen for you in just minutes.

Breizh Café

If you’re looking for the best crêpes that Brittany has to offer, stop by the Cancale café. Chef and restaurateur Bertrand Larcher set out to serve traditionally crispy buckwheat galettes at this cozy crêperie. They’re filled with fresh, local ingredients, giving you both a proper tourist experience and a primetime for your palate. These ingredients include organic eggs, artisanal cheeses, locally grown vegetables, free-range meats, and locally harvested oysters and seafood. For dessert, check out the salted-caramel crêpe.


Get your hands on a car rental and head to Pays de la Loire for Pickles’ excellent take on beet pickles and roast sea bass. This trendy French bistro, run by British chef Dominic Quirke offers a fresh new take on old Brittany classics. Quirke’s experience at some of Paris’s top restaurants lends itself to the sophisticated Pickles menu. This is also a hotspot for wine lovers, who can choose from some of the finest local bottles. Pickles is also popular with locals, who can’t get enough of the Sologne lamb with grilled polenta and roast sea bass with fennel risotto and capers with creamed zucchini. Best of all, it’s an unpretentious spot for anyone who loves eating.

Corps de Garde

During your stay in Brittany, don’t pass up the opportunity to sample as many authentic local crêpes as possible. Of course, the Corps de Garde isn’t just another crêperie. It’s located atop St-Malo’s ancient town walls, giving you an excellent view as you tear into your one-of-a-kind savory buckwheat galette, stuffed with vegetables, cheese, or seafood, or sweet white flour dessert crêpe. We highly recommend the outdoor terrace. It’s the perfect place to end an afternoon of touring the city’s historic ramparts.


For a modern gastronomic experience, French style, check out Le Saint Placide. At this clean-cut restaurant, you can feast on local treasures, like mackerel with grilled fennel or apple sweat breads with roasted orange. We’re also fans of the langoustine raviolis, served with parmesan and coriander.